• Development, production and service consolidated. Headquarters in Wolfratshausen near Munich
  • GERSYS technology - At home on the rails all over the world
  • Product assembly in in-house manufacturing line

Success all along the line

“Out of the passion to offer you the better solution” grew the basic and leading idea for founding GERSYS GmbH in Wolfratshausen many years ago. Since then, we have been developing and producing reliable and long-lived electronics for railway and special vehicles.
Our employees have decades of experience with demanding and safety-relevant information technology. They have detailed knowledge of the requirements of the railway industry.
We are a stable, reliable and healthy medium-sized company and one of the market leaders in instrumentation in the driver’s cab.
We focus on sustainability. There is a good reason why nearly all of our products are still available today after almost 15 years or can still be used without software changes because of compatible successors.