Quality is at the focus here

The high demands of the railway industry require reliable and high-quality electronics. To ensure that, we need a working and thought-through quality management system.

Trust is Good, Supervision is Better!

Our process schedules define the measures needed from the design phase to the end of the product life cycle. Every component can be tracked via a serial number management.

Every product also goes through several tests and quality controls during the development process. Our trained employees will always check every device according to the four-eye principle. We also have a comprehensive test lab equipped with state-of-the-art devices and accepted by leading manufacturers. The deeper GERSYS test methods ensure that our components will work highly precisely even under unusual environmental conditions.

We Won’t Let You Down

The longest-term supply with spare parts and form-fit-function compatible spare units is a necessity today. We ensure product availability for at least 15 years even after the end of the model cycle.

This is made possible by selection of long-lived components and a 2nd-source strategy. We also prove our foresightedness and reliability as a diligent supplier in our regular obsolescence check and last-time-buy information to our contract customers. If there is still a need at a later time, we offer form-fit-function compatible devices to spare you the high-cost software changes and approval processes.

GERSYS is a member of the Components Obsolescense Group Germany (COG).



Certifications according to ISO 9001:2015 and IRIS Rev. 3 (ISO/TS 22163), as well as regular customer audits, confirm our quality management system at the highest level. Our complete product range for the Russian market also received qualification according to GOST-R.

Certificate ISO

Certificate ISO

Zertifikat IRIS

Certificate IRIS

Zertifikat RU

Certificate GOST-R

DB Homologation BC4400

DB Homologation EBuLa

SIL1 - Conformity

SIL1 – Conformity