• We provide equipmend and systems that work reliably. Even if conditions get hotter, dustier, more humid, colder...

With us, no product arrives on the market untested!

To carry out type tests and series tests we maintain an in-house and manufacturer-recognized laboratory, fully equipped with modern equipment and materials. The extensive GERSYS test procedures ensure that our components provide high precision even under exceptional environmental conditions. This means that GERSYS products delivery full performance and display accurate data even in freezing cold of -40°C or extreme heat of +85°C.
Immunity to electromagnetic interference included: GERSYS devices do not only meet the requirements and limits of the European railway standard EN 50121, but also the much higher requirements of national railway authorities.

Our in-house test laboratory allows the following measurements:


Emitted interference

Cable-based emission
from 9 kHz to 30 MHz (according to EN55016 and EN55022)

Emission (H and E fields)
from 30 MHz to 6 GHz (according to EN55016)


Interference immunity

from 80 MHz to 6 GHz, field stregnts up to 30 V/m
(according to EN6100, 4-3)

ESD, surge and burst
according to EN61000-4-2; 4-4


Climate simulation

Cold down to -40° C, dry heat up to +85° C
(technically possible inspection interval -70° C to 180° C)

Relative humidity 5 to 98 %

Tests according to IEC68-2-x



Passive Burn-In
During the passive Burn-In test the device runs at high ambient temperature for at least 48 hours.

Active Burn-In
In the temperature chamber the DUT runs through a temperature profile that is close to the customer specified temperature limits. Here the switch-on behaviour can be tested at low temperatures as well.



Sinus testing
search for point of resonance

service life test with noise-induced signals

Shock testing
according to IEC 61373