Multifunctional Displays
from Gersys

7″ HMI Multifunctional Display

The Multifunctional Display BC2050 is equipped with an energy-saving but powerful ARM Cortex A9 processor. Its low-power loss, no-fan operation supports use across an expanded temperature range. The display is especially well-suited for limited space installations (e.g. retrofits). The open Linux operating system supports simple and economical implementation of a wide range of applications.

10.4″ HMI Multifunctional Display

With a screen diagonal of 10.4", a multitude of processor variants and a range of available designs, our Multifunctional Displays in the BC3 and BC7 series cover nearly all application areas, and will meet the highest performance expectations. Available with ARM Cortex A9, and Intel ATOM x86 processors. The new Intel ATOM Apollo Lake processor in particular leaves nothing to be desired in terms of overall performance and graphic processing power.

15″ HMI Multifunctional Display

With its large 15" TFT display, the BC6 series is ideally suited for video applications, but works equally well as a technical display unit. The BC6 series also offers a wide selection of different processor technologies and interfaces. Despite its large screen diagonal dimension, the BC6 features a slim design.